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E2G is regarded as one of the industry’s emerging leaders in providing comprehensive solar thermal education, curricula, teaching materials and industry certifications for the trade personnel and educational facilities that serve the solar energy field. We are dedicated to promoting and implementing the use of sustainable and efficient solar thermal energy technologies through education, training, workforce development, research and project design and facilitation.

Our courses are customized for each set of participants be they students, experienced solar professionals or HVACR contractors.  With our fast paced, hands-on participatory teaching style we keep everyone active, interested and involved. We facilitate learning by personal engagement throughout the entire course.  

Our curriculum has been accepted by IREC and is geared to preparation for the NABCEP test.  The curriculum and presentations are founded and based on our own comprehensive textbook, Solar Hot Water Fundamentals.

Developed, researched and written by our in-house staff, this comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to install your own system or to become a professional solar designer and installer. There has never been a better time to increase your knowledge of solar thermal energy and its practical utilization and implementation.

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