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Education, Training and Curriculum Packages

We offer solar thermal training programs for instructors presenting any of our courses, either in our area or at your site.  This service allows institutions to offer courses using local staff who can present the material in a coherent fashion for maximum comprehension and retention.  Whether the instructor needs just a refresher or a more complete education in  this field, we stand ready to provide the guidance best suited for your circumstance.  Each program includes an instructor’s manual to help instructors properly present the material.

We have created curricula for all of our courses.  We include Power Point presentations, on-line training modules, quizzes, manipulatives, and demonstration modules.  We geared all of our curricula to integrate seamlessly with the Solar Hot Water Fundamentals textbook.

The Solar Rover and Pup mobile demonstrators are perfect compliments to our curriculum.  These two small scale see-through solar thermal models are perfect hands on teaching tools to help instructors present and demonstrate how the fluid loops, controls and other real solar devices operate.  Working with a fully functional operating system is the best way for students to appreciate operating characteristics and how best to trouble shoot problems.  In the Spring of 2012, we will be offering  student operable system assembly stations for drainback and pressurized systems along with an Advanced Solar Thermal Rover for heat exchange, system control and hydronic flow issue demonstration.

Solar Hot Water Fundamentals is the cornerstone of all out education product packages.  This is a richly illustrated 4 color “real world” text that integrates theory with challenges you will face at every install.  The comprehensive text was researched and written by our own E2G Solar staff and reviewed by the seasoned installers and designers across America.  All our educational offerings dovetail with or build out from the content in this book.


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