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The E2G Brain Trust is a collaborative team of speakers, designers, educators, researchers and business planners. Our consultant team covers the full range of solar thermal energy topics including:

Our Speakers and Professional Staff

Ms. Wyman has more ten years of experience in environmental science and deployment of solar thermal systems in cold weather climates. Ms. Wyman regularly hosts presentations about solar topics to both public and technical audiences and works closely with government officials to promote renewable energy and its efficient utilization in the public sector. Betsy instructs acclaimed solar thermal installation and design classes at various State University of New York schools. A vice president at SunDog Solar, a leading solar and energy efficiency firm in New York, MS. Wyman manages manufacture of Solar Rover and Pup mobile solar thermal manipulative device collection. Ms. Wyman is also a member of a renewable energy curriculum development committee for high school vocational students in the state of New York.  She will sit for the NABCEP entry level solar thermal test when it is next offered. When she isn’t teaching or working at SunDog, Betsy kicks back at her home nestled on a hill in Columbia County.

Peter is a leading solar thermal system educator, author and consultant. He holds BS and MS degrees from Lehigh University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Formerly the Chief Scientist of New York’s Attorney General’s Environmental Bureau, he has 42 years of experience as a policy advocated and technical innovator. Peter is also an energetic and effective instructor who teaches both introductory and advanced solar thermal courses at colleges, technical schools and professional conferences. His comprehensive engineering/legal background provides clients access to a broad range of solar thermal application expertise. Based upon experience and research facility performance information, he has designed and installed dozens of custom solar thermal and heating systems. Peter helped NABCEP prepare its solar thermal installer certification test and creates IREC approved curricula for solar courses presented across the country. Peter created and sells a portfolio of unique mobile instructional devices and manipulative modules for the solar thermal industry. Mr. Skinner’s special talent is creating and motivating teams of experts to create innovative solutions to system design challenges and trouble shooting hydronic system problems. He is a NABCEP certified solar thermal installer and is an approved solar thermal installer in New York and Vermont.  When not working, Peter plays and sings music, kayaks and conserves whitewater rivers across the world.

Will is a recent graduate from Harvard University, where he studied plant genetics, rainforest ecology, and climate change. Will has five years of experience as a solar installer with E2G Solar and tutor for a full range of science and mathematics topics. Will has been the project manager and editor for the E2G Solar textbook, Solar Hot Water Fundamentals, and is an effective instuctor for solar thermal installers. His unique communication talents and worldwide travel experience, excellent interpersonal skills and multi-lingual facilities make him a special resource for clients anxious to extend their reach beyond USA.  He will sit for the NABCEP entry level test when it is next offered.  When he isn’t doing solar work, he researches the white nose bat syndrome, serves and advocates for Seeds of Peace programs, paddles whitewater rivers and climbs cliffs around the world.

Alan is a seasoned solar design and installation professional with decades of expertise in solar thermal, PV, energy efficiency and electrical systems. He has particular expertise in controls design and creation, construction and  in the integration of Solar Energy into Space Heating Systems. He has conducted dozens of detailed building mechanical system assessments and energy audits for schools, universities, hospitals and single and multi-family properties across the US. His experience as an elevator mechanic and all types of construction trades gives him special insights into how buildings are heated, cooled and managed. His installations are models of meticulous craftsmanship.  He will be sitting for the NABCEP solar thermal test in the Spring of 2012.  When he isn’t twisting wrenches, Alan plays a mean bass and sings in bands and cares for his house and family in southeast New York State.

Morgan holds a MS in Materials and Metallurgic Engineering from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. He has BPI certification as a Building Analyst and Heating Professional. He is fluent in building energy simulation software with extensive numeric analysis experience. Morgan serves E2G Solar as an independent engineering consultant with a strong background in experimental design and testing. As owner of Engineered Solutions, Morgan brings specialized expertise in utility analysis, energy audit reporting and inspection and verification.  When he isn’t helping E2G Solar create designs, curricula, manipulatives and instruction, he’s a energy efficiency specialist for Conservation Services Group and takes care of his home and family deep in the forest of the eastern Catskills.

Greg is a consummate engineer with a wealth of experience in design and engineering of heat exchange systems.  Greg has worked for 5 years with Exergy LLC, a leading manufacturer of heat exchangers.  when Greg isn’t helping E2G Solar solve heat exchanger challenges and instructional stints, Greg travels and takes care of his family in Southeastern New York.

Vaughan is a unique professional with decades of experience in educational, engineering and construction fields.  He manages Yankee Solutions, a solar design, installation and consulting firm in mid-coast Maine.  He works in their solar thermal instruction program and designs teaching platforms and curricula for installers. When he isn’t taking care of business, Vaughan and his wife manage time for a family and solar home in the woods of Maine

Jack is all business and an international entrepreneur.  Based on the coast of Maine, Jack serves E2G Solar as its business plan and marketing designer and consultant.  His strength in international business helps E2G reach out across the globe to meet clients needs anywhere effectively.

Ves has more than 30 years of experience in marketing and sales administration. Formerly the VP of Marketing for STI he moved on to form a business consulting firm, a graphic design company and a magazine publishing firm. He has a background in market development and strategic business planning. He is based in Connecticut and guides E2G’s day to day business planning and marketing operations.

David brings an eclectic portfolio of expertise in solar installation, design and marketing fields, especially the off grid PV field.

Debra has 28+ years teaching, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth Science, Anatomy & Physiology and Technology. Her expertise is an extensive background in all the sciences and  incorporating technology  use into the classroom as a teaching tool. Her latest endeavors are "Training the Trainers" how  to teach with the use of four phase class room technology such as Smartboards, Clicker Technology, blackboard - on line classrooms,Wimba - interactive classroom and virtual hands on  labs.  Her expertise is designing classroom didactics,  training students who are auditory and tactile learners,  building a strong learning environment,  teaching new comprehensive skills, promoting a better and deeper understanding of learning based material through the use of  advanced technology. She is currently a professor at Goodwin College teaching Anatomy and Physiology both on ground and on line. She incorporates this technology in her  own classes and finds student retention and comprehension increasing.