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To book a speaker or request more information please contact us. We’ll work with you to help evaluate our speakers and make the appropriate recommendation for your specific requirements. Budgets vary depending on the scope of your program, its location and number of participants. Please email us at e2g@verizon.net

Call to Book and Confirm Your Speaker or Consultant

Once you have selected your speaker and you know the location, time and type of appearance you want to utilize the speaker for, we will be ready to enter into an agreement. We will confirm the speaker's availability, the budget for the event and will then proceed to hold the date.

We will help you to determine which speaker will best suit your needs. We can suggest options for your consideration or provide more information to support your evaluation. If you will be submitting a funding or grant proposal, we'll work with you to determine the cost of your selected speaker. If you already have a budget, we'll work with you to figure out which speakers are the most appropriate for your program’s needs.