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SOLAR  THERMAL BASICS (three days of Solar Hot Water Fundamentals)

Participants in this workshop will learn the basic theory, design considerations and

construction strategies necessary to safely install, troubleshoot and maintain a solar domestic hot water systems. Passive solar water heaters, drainback, antifreeze and photovoltaic powered systems are discussed in depth. Pool and space heating systems are important topics covered as well. The workshop include detailed hands-on lab exercises and is delivered with a full range of teaching tools to enhance content understanding and retention. A mobile system design and operation module may be used to illustrated the operations of Solar Hot Water systems and their components. CEU credits will be offered at certain sites.


This class provides education on the basics of solar hot water systems blending presentation of fundamental theory and installation best practices with code and regulatory requirements. It is specifically designed to prepare participants for the NABCEP solar hot water certification exam. Instructors concentrate on open and closed systems, drainback and pressurized loops, equipment and installation details, safety rules, site assessment and load analysis. Besides the text book, Solar Hot Water Fundamentals, the instructors provide a specialized test information guide which addresses the full range of topics covered by the test.


The course consists of on-line study and live presentation by experts in the field of solar thermal energy systems and hydronics. The course textbook is Solar Hot Water Fundamentals by Skinner et al. and supplemented by additional materials which delve deeply into combi-systems and heat exchange. Prior to the classroom work, students will be expected to re-familiarize themselves with solar thermal basics via on-line study and testing. Day 1 covers advanced topics of solar resources and weather realities around the United States, real world collector performance and reliability, solar loop designs and complications, heat exchange analysis, hydronic heating and cooling system equipment and design, heating and cooling load analysis, site safety considerations, permitting and building and health code considerations. Day 2 delves into topics including controllers and relays for enhanced system operation, web-based monitoring and troubleshooting, commercial and large residential heating load integration options, geothermal system combinations, large pool system equipment and designs, heat storage strategies, solar supported space cooling, wind and snow loading calculations and difficult roof attachment solutions. Presentation of the course will be amplified by exercises with the Advanced Solar Thermal Systems Mobile Simulator. This is a two day class. CEU credits will be offered at certain sites.       


Some students learn by reading books or watching videos - others by listening and watching the instructor.  Others learn best by participation. This class is for hands on doers so they can construct any kind of Solar Hot Water system in confidence and appreciate and understand what can go right and go wrong out in the field.

Teams of students gather around individual assembly stations and appropriate parts collections for each kind of solar system. The solar thermal systems that they create will actually work – especially if the collectors find sunlight.  Hot fluids from the assembly stations will feed a common solar hot water tank and be returned to the solar panels on the mini-roof also common to all the systems.


All the pipes, valves, pumps, flowmeters, controllers and sensors are stock items that installers really work with every day.  The fittings will be largely “take apart” devices that do not need particular tools to create the system.  At the end of the experience, students can quickly dis-assemble the systems that they have built and move onto one or more of the other system type assembly site.  A separate copper connection workbench will allow students to learn soldering connections.


Reminiscentof the Lego system, this assembly experience will give students an opportunity to translate their understanding of why these systems work into actually making them work – while learning what goes wrong and what goes right – all before they mess up at a client’s work site.  This is the perfect no fault installation experience.   The curriculum will fit in perfectly with the 2 and 3 day system design and construction course and is perfect for installers with little real field experience.

Take this class to learn the basics of solar hot water system hydronic fundamentals, design, components, performance and installation.  The course will feature presentation of fundamental theory and installation best practices.  Preparation for the NABCEP SHW test will also be a priority.  The instructors will focus most attention on the two solar loop systems used in NYS – drainback and closed loop pressurized.  The instructors will also make sure all students understand how to connect tanks and integrate the SHW system to a variety of existing domestic hot water systems installers encounter in NYS.  Together, the students and instructors will assemble two systems – a manufacturer kit based closed loop antifreeze pressurized system and a component based drainback system.


ONE DAY COURSE - An overview of solar fundamentals with an introduction to solar thermal. This is appropriate for any audience. No specific body of knowledge is required.

TWO DAY COURSE - This is a refresher course designed for those that have an existing body of knowledge of solar energy to some degree. It’s perfect for those those looking to get back into the solar industry. The course is geared for getting participants prepared for the NABCEP non-entry level test. The curriculum  features Power Point presentations and quizzes. Students have access to on-line materials to prepare for the course. An instructor guide is provided. Utilization of the Rover training aid is optional.

THREE DAY COURSE - This is a course specially designed for solar hot water system installers. The course consists of 18 hours of classroom  instruction with on-line preparation. This course is geared for those that eventually plan to take the full NABCEP certification course. The curriculum  features Power Point presentations and quizzes. Students have access to on-line materials to prepare for the course. An instructor guide is provided. Utilization of the Rover training aid is optional.

We practice what we teach and we teach what we practice
You benefit from the knowledge gained from our own installations We believe in hands-on participation
Personal engagement and accessibility to knowledge are the cornerstones of our programs


This is an intensive one day that builds on the OSHA 10 hour course. The course incorporates hands-on learning situations and activities. A special Safety Handout is provided to each participant.