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The Most Effective Training Aids in the Industry

After hands on training with the Rover even students with no solar background will be able to fully comprehend the operating principles of a solar thermal system or even install a solar hot water system themselves!

Description:  This Advanced Solar Thermal laboratory station is a new and unique learning device supporting student exercises and instructor demonstrations of topics crucial for informed design, specification and installation work that advanced solar thermal professionals must be prepared to do.  It will include three separate modules on one small but accessible cart:

1) a flat plate and submerged coil heat exchanger module that facilitates heat exchange experiments that demonstrate the effectiveness of the two most popular solar heat exchange equipment and measured by sophisticated real time monitoring devices;

2) a flow restriction demo module that permits students to pump solar coolant through several different types of common piping and hydronic fittings separately or in parallel and measure the pressure and flow losses associated with the chosen arrangements;

3) an electricity and control system demonstration board that facilitates exercises with the most common solar thermal and hydronic heating control system devices and power supplies for them

4) Plumbing or electrical inkages among the three modules will allow for even more sophisticated demonstrations of the interactions of all three demonstration modules as actually occur with actual installations.

The Advanced Solar Thermal Course curriculum is fashioned around this mobile lab system for optimum student education and content understanding and retention.

Coming Soon To Your Classroom: The Advanced SHW Trainer

We utilize state of the art education methods and creative tools to help students learn. To support our own comprehensive solar thermal guide we have developed the most unique and effective classroom training aids in the industry: the Solar Rover and the Solar Pup.  

These are fully operational see-through scale model systems that permit students to assemble a mock operating system and make rapid changes while watching the fluids move through the piping and tubes in response to their input!  Two small collectors provide authentic versions of evacuated tube and flat plate designs and will actually warm up in the sun or when the heat lamp is turned on.  The models include two types of drawback systems and a closed loop glycol system.

The Rover The Pup