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E2G solar specializes in custom designed solar hot water systems for commercial applications and large residential installations. We install many varieties of solar thermal systems. We’ll tailor the system to your specific needs and requirements. Properly designed and installed, these systems can save you more than 50% on your heating bills!

Our Services

Solar thermal heating serves both commercial and residential markets. Each has different solar load characteristics, site considerations, tax and rebate opportunities and cost and payback evaluations. With our experience we’ll design, engineer and install the most practical and efficient system for your needs. In the solar industry “no shoe fits all”. We’ll help you select the right size and style.

We’ll help you evaluate whether a solar thermal system is appropriate for your particular situation. If it is, we’ll engineer, design and supervise the installation of the system that best suits your needs.

Not only are we experts in design, engineering and installation of solar hot water systems but we are educators in the field as well. We teach at schools and colleges, provide workshops and are guest speakers at industry conferences. We have authored and written our own comprehensive textbook SOLAR HOT WATER FUNDAMENTALS.

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